Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tacky Fantasy Art

I LOVE Fantasy Art!

Not just 'good' Fantasy Art like on StarWars posters, but BAD Fantasy Art.
The kind of art that people who hoard dolphin ornaments like.

When I check the time I like to be 
hypnotised by regal Dolphins!

It's the kind of art that belongs to people who spell 'Fairy' as 'Faerie'.
It's the art you see on Biker Chick's t-shirts, the ones with howling wolves and full moons and dream catchers!

It's a secret (not anymore) pleasure of mine to bathe in the ethereal glow of hideously gaudy and tacky Fantasy Art.

Here is a collection of some of my favourites at the moment, enjoy!


I start you off with a classic example. This one has everything, a Noble wolf (most likely a mother-wolf), a full moon and a Native American with a peace pipe.

I especially like the reversed(?) reflection of the wolf in the moon. Last time I checked, the moon only reflects light, not wolves. Magic you say? I think so too!

Find this picture in the house of that person who has that 'Magic Happens' bumper sticker on their car.


 Probably drawn by a child Wizard

 Often the feature of Fantasy Art is the ever Majestic Unicorn. Dazzling Horse loves this one especially, although not as cool as a 'Pegacorn' (winged unicorn) the fact that it's doing a magical skid makes it really something special.


I call this one 'Wolf's Lullaby'

I like this one because the White Wolf is a Noble and rare creature. The use of what appears to be a Spiral Galaxy only enhances the Wolf's Majesty.
I also love that she is wearing a Dazzling diamond necklace... most likely a tool of hypnosis.


I leave you with a reminder that today marks the start of 'Movember'. So start growing your resplendant Moustaches!

Check out Lightning Heart's blog about Movember while you're at it and help her raise some monies!


Dazzling Horse



  1. oh my word

    i think i would especially like to have the indian wolf moon picture as a t-shirt

  2. you forgot the dragon!!! Perhaps the most whimsical of all fantasy art! Growing up in with a die hard hippie mother, there are also other note worthy fantasy art such as a pile of skulls, skeleton horses and armor clad warriors of high esteem!!

  3. Ah, there were many that didn't make the cut! I reckon I'll have to do follow up posts. There is literally NO end to the amount of wonderfully tacky fantasy art out there :P


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