Saturday, October 24, 2009

Resplendent Beards

Since I'm off sick from work for 6 weeks, and I have to shave everyday for work, I have made it my mission to grow a resplendent beard!

In honour of my noble quest, I will dedicate this post to the manliest of all manly things: Beards!

Now there is a a big difference between a regular, everyday beard and a resplendent beard.

Resplendent beards are almost always found on Wizards,  usually in the hue of 'Wizard White'. They are soft and are like woven silk to the touch!

Normal beards, as worn by the rough-hewn Russell Crowe are the most common. They are quite ordinary, and altogether lack the rich majesty of a resplendent beard.

Here is an artists impression of an amazing White!

George Harrison (RIP) of The Beatles crossed the boundaries of the ordinary beard into the palatial realm of resplendent beards, although he probably wasn't a True Magical Wizard, he was a minstrel that wove his magic with his songwriting skills:

(He appears to have a lady tip-toeing on his head...coincidence?)


In my search to find beards I came across a man(?) that deserves a special mention, although lacking in the beard stakes, he sports the most illustrious mane Dazzling Horse has ever seen:

I got to thinking though, this is no man! Only Majestic Steeds have such illuminating splendour donned upon their brow. I believe he may actually be a Centaur, a mythical beast with the head and torso of a man, with the body of a horse. 

What would happen if you crossed a Centaur with a Pegasus(winged horse)...

You would get a 'Pegataur':

artistic impression of 'Pegataur' by me


I leave you with a question: Do Wizards have their resplendent beard before they are a Wizard? Or do they grow the beard once they become a Wizard??


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