Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rant About Spoz!

Spoz is a man, a man who reviews thousands of bands in Adelaide - Spoz's Rant.
He is frighteningly dedicated to the Adelaide music scene and he pretty much never sleeps.

The first time I saw Spoz was when I moved to Adelaide about 4 years ago. He was at a show, Expatriate at Rocket Bar I believe. He was an untamed beast, swinging his wild mane on the dance floor to the electro-dance-pop-rock of Expatriate.

Since that day he has reviewed my band twice, one hideously horrible review, and one pretty awesome review.

His age is anywhere between 30 and 850, he sports a majestic and luxuriant mane of hair that is the envy of Dazzling Horse!

He takes millions of yellowy/red photos like this one, picked purely at random of course:

He also (I found out recently) is the drawer of amazingly epic and majestic fantasy pictures! This one is off his deviantart:

In all, he's a super guy, that may look like a hardened warrior returning from the throes of a pitched battle, but once you get to know him, he's alright!

I give him ***1/2 stars (hehe) for being alive in general and for supporting rigorously the Adelaide music scene.

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