Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MacGyver Vs Sayid

As a child I grew up watching MacGyver with my big brother. We used to love it, MacGyver was so cool. My brother actually made me a grappling hook once out of coat-hanger wire, an octopus strap and candle wax!

MacGyver was a Stallion so majestic that even people who've never 
watched the show love MacGyver.


As a grown up, I've struggled to find an equivalent Hero that comes even a tiny bit close to the unbridled glory of MacGyver.

That is until I discovered Sayid from Lost!

'My name is Sayid Jarrah, I was a 
torturrrer for the Republican Guard'

Sayid pretty much kicks everyone's arse, all of the time. He never makes mistakes about anything. He also has mad skills building electronics out of airplane wreckage. He's good at finding hidden trapdoors too.


So I got to thinking. 
If it came to blows between the two masters of wizardry... who would be cut down like ripe wheat, and who would be the victor??

They both have serious mad skills:

-MacGyver used a chocolate bar to neutralise a sulphuric acid leak.

-Sayid used airplane wreckage to build gadgets to triangulate a 16 year old radio transmission.

But I think it all comes down to the fact that Sayid is played by Naveen Andrews, who happens to be a right Cockney Geezer (as seen on Lost Special Features DVD).

During the time it would take MacGyver to build a rocket launcher, by stuffing a can with fertiliser and a rag and putting that in a bamboo pipe. Sayid would have already glassed him in the face for wearing the wrong trainers and supporting the wrong football team.

So after much thought, I say Sayid would beat Macgyver in a fight.

MacGyver is still awesome though!


Dazzling Horse


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  1. Great post! MacGyver is the best. I actually saw him crossing the street a couple months ago in downtown Manhattan. I yelled MACGYVER in sheer excitement, not realizing he can hear me.He looked back and laughed, it was awesome!. I recognized him because he did a couple Saturday Night Live segments over the summer. He is still magic to me. Lovin your blog by the way. Old school is what it's all about :)

  2. Hahaha that is the coolest story ever! I would cherish that moment forever, MacGyver is one cool dude.
    Thanks also for the Blog love, I'm rather new to all this :)


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