Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living in a Spaceship

For my whole life, I have wished that I lived in a house with the interior of a 1960s futuristic spaceship.
This is a dream that probably should have died when I was 12, but alas the dream lives on with splendid intensity and clarity!

Ideally the exterior would look something like this:

 Less trees and more stables for 
horses and unicorns would be preferable.

Incidentally, this would satisfy my other dream of living in a regal palace in the hills of Narnia.


Once you step through the mighty wooden portal though, you would enter a new world of sterile white wonder.

Based on Stanley Kubrick's actual home, I imagine.

I don't know, maybe I spent too much time in hospital when I was young. Maybe I just watch too much science fiction?
I would like to know why the world looks less futuristic, now that we live in the actual future?


Here is what the living space would be like:

Everyone needs a circular mirror in the living room

I would like to wake up in the morning, get my coffee out of a magic hole in the wall, and have my dehydrated space meal served on a metal tray with special dividers.
It would also be cool to have a murderous robot eye talk to me in a beguilingly soothing voice.


And lastly the bedroom:

Back when all you needed was an 
enormous calculator and a novel on your desk

I'm not sure my girlfriend would appreciate this as our bedroom, but hey, she can go somewhere else and I'll just talk to her on my awesome grey telephone. Maybe later I'll get drunk on the various bottles of space liquor and watch colour TV!



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  1. hhahaha i can't believe i said i wouldn't like that as a bedroom before i even read what you wrote!

    but yes please on the palatial exterior

  2. I had a similiar dream. Except instead of a castle exterior I had the joking idea of it being nothing but a tent pitched in the middle of the trees and in it was an elevator you took down into a massive futuristic underground facility lit up like daylight with strategically angled mirrors. Futuristic, yet well hidden in a forest. It'd be the ultimate fuckoff awesome ninja cubbyhouse.

    Of course many years later LOST stole this whole idea, made the "tent" a hatch.. and the whole facility nothing more than a batshit insane doomsday device that would the destroy the world unless you pressed a button every 108 minutes.

    I know.. way to fuck with the childhood fantasy aye? :)

  3. I see you have what I like to call the 'Bruce Wayne Complex', I had it too. As an 8 year old my brother and I had major plans to dig tunnels in our back yard, with rooms and everything. We dug a 2 metre hole in the ground before my Mum stopped us.

    Of course back then, we didn't have the engineering tenacity to realise that it would most likely have collapsed and killed us both.

    BTW I still pretty much cream my pants over S02EP1 of LOST.

  4. Harry, your splendiferous ramblings never fail to tickle my giggle bone.

    Love the novel and giant calculator.

  5. BRILLIANT! I can't agree more. Yes why don't we live like we are in the future when we are in it. I'm guessing because everyone is always hankering for the past now. It's all about looking back in time and capturing the romance of an era we consider the good times. But looking at Kubric's vision with pierre Paulin's furniture it does make me think must buy more Jaime Hayon


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